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3 August 2021

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This Cookie Policy is provided by Toyota Connected Europe Limited (“TCEU”, “we”, or “us”), 10th Floor, 14-18 Handyside St, Kings Cross, London N1C 4DN.  TCEU is a Controller of your data in respect of cookies and similar technologies set on our website. Our Data Protection Officer can be contacted by sending an email to


Cookies and Similar Technologies

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer, or any other device that connects to the Internet. This might be your MacBook, laptop, smart phone, ipad, or any device that can connect to the Internet. When we refer to cookies, we use this to mean any technologies, for example: local storage, JavaScript, API’s that we may use when you visit our website.  These cookies are connected to your browser, therefore if you use two different browsers, such as Safari and Firefox, you will have cookies set in both.


Local Storage or Server Side

Cookies work in different ways, with some more common ways being to store data within your device (local storage), or extract and collect data from your device and send it to an external server. Both local and server-side storage can be controlled by TCEU (a first party), or another organization (which we call third party), and this is where we get the names ‘first’ and ‘third-party’ cookies.


Types of Cookies; Essential or Non-Essential

Essential Cookies

TCEU needs to ensure that its website works and that, for example, the pages load in a reasonable time, it protects its website from malicious attacks, and the website provides the functions that it states it does example, if you complete a feedback form on our website, we need to ensure that this feedback form can be submitted.  For these purposes we need to use essential cookies, that means we cannot do these things without using them.  Where we use essential cookies, we do not require your consent, although we must tell you that we are using them.


Non-Essential Cookies

If you, by giving your Consent, allow us to use non-essential cookies, these will be for any other purpose outside the ones that are essential for providing the service/website. These purposes might be something as simple as counting visitors to our website, or analyzing where are our visitors come from, to understanding which pages most are looked at.  This is very useful for us, as if we see visitors are coming mostly from other countries, it might indicate for instance, a need to provide information in multiple languages.


Categories of Cookies

Companies often categorize their cookies to allow visitors to easily understand why the cookies are being used.  For TCEU, the main categories are:



We analyze how are visitors use our website, this can be pages visited, how long is spent on a webpage page, the most looked at pages, where you have clicked, your location, as well as devices, and technical information about your device used to access our website. We use this information to give us insights so we can make improvements to our website and services.


Preferences / Functional

TCEU may offer the choice to set your preferences, such as font size and language.


TCEU does not need to identify who you are for these purposes, and for TCEU you would be an anonymous visitor. However, if you have agreed to third party cookies on our website, such as Google, then Google may have other information about you, which they may use to identify you.


Withdrawing Your Consent

If TCEU has set cookies in your device, and can identify you as a user, you can email and we will be able to delete all data collected on the basis of your Consent.


However, in addition to the above, you, as the user, are the only party that can delete the cookies from your browser. Deleting these cookies from your browser will prevent any further collection of data. You can then reject any cookies on our website in future visits. Remember, that if you visit our website again, and accept our cookies, they will once again appear in your browser.


You can manage your cookies as described above in these most common browsers:

Google Chrome

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Apple Safari

Mozilla Firefox


More information about Cookies can be found here:


What Cookies does TCEU use

Domain setting the cookie Name Purpose Type


TCEU Cookie_Control This allows us to remember your cookie settings, so we don’t have to show you the cookie banner again. Duration = 90 days


Google _ga This tells us how you use the website.


Google Google ( This sets a unique ID for your session to help tell us understand how you used the website.


Team Tailor _tt_session This cookie is set by our third-party partner to keep you logged into their career site. Functional
Team Tailor cid This is used to identify candidates in our chat so that you can continue the conversation after leaving the Toyota Connected website Functional
Team Tailor _ga Analytical
Team Tailor _gid This is used to differentiate between users Analytical
Team Tailor _ttCookiePermissions


This is used by Teamtailor in order to hide the cookie consent bar once you have accepted the use of cookies.


Team Tailor _ti


This is used by Teamtailor to know which pages you are browsing, in order to understand how the Career Site is used to be able to improve it

Youtube VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE used to estimate bandwidth – see more information about embedded videos – Functional
Youtube  YSC Used for statistical purposes, and sets a unique user ID – this is a session cookie only Analytical